About Us

Each year, Impact Analytix completes more than 2,000 multi country research studies for clients across the globe.


Impact Analytix is a global leader in market research, data, and analytics, shaping the future of industry. By measuring behavior across all channels and geographies to discover key trends and sector dynamics, we provide our clients with reliable intelligence to help them make informed decisions.

Customized consulting engagements

Research Reports

Cutting-edge research across sectors

Custom Research

Empowering our clients with bespoke market insights


What matters to us
Diversity, equity & inclusion

Celebrating every voice to drive growth.

Responsibility & sustainability

Making a positive impact where we live and serve.


Committing to transparency and user choice.


Investing in businesses that move the media forward.

Public policy

Improving citizenship through positive engagement.


Who we work with
Impact Analytix

Understanding audiences’ motivations and needs.


Driving career growth with exciting opportunities.

Syndicated/published research

Publishing research through syndication of content

Conducting internal analysis to identify market trends

Keeping track of the dynamically changing market conditions

Analyzing key problem areas and providing tailored solutions for clients

Consulting with key opinion leaders and industry experts to gain insight into the subject matter

Examining strategic decisions made by major market players

Tracking the movement of products and their development pipeline

Monitoring changes in healthcare spending patterns to inform research studies.

Customization/requirement based studies

Examination of published research to gain insights

Development and implementation of market intelligence studies that adhere to sustainability strategies

Advice-driven assessments

Investigations focused on specific products or regions/countries.

Due diligence/consulting

Conducting studies to compare products and determine their position in the market

Developing approaches for companies to enter into the marketplace

Examining patent portfolios and Intellectual Property Rights to make informed decisions

Assessing potential opportunities

Implementing methods to make a product available to consumers

Establishing pricing models

Evaluating technological advancements

Comparing technologies

Forming relationships with clients that have a lasting impact

Examining areas that need improvement or have yet to be filled

Our Service Model

Impact Analytix is a U.S. based market research and consulting company headquartered in New York City. The company provides syndicated research reports, customized research reports, and consulting services, including:

Constant market tracking

Continuous product analysis

Continuous consumer interviewing

Product positioning assessments

Potential partner prospecting

Opportunity recognition

Variable analysis


Continuous and relentless research render favorable outcomes

Published Research

Consulting Deliverables